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Love Notes in The Sky

Sitting on my bed I let out a sigh,
Pulled down by my worries, and tired, I cried,
How do I get past this, where do I begin?
There’s too much happening, and too little strength within.

I lay on my bed and looked out my window,
The skies were grey and the thunder billowed.
I knew God would speak, He definitely had something to say,
Majestic messages can be sent in the most humble ways.

I’ve often learnt from the glorious skies, as the Bible says;
The heavens declare His glory and His might.
So I stared at the gloomy skies and I could relate,
The hideous greys were the hard situations I faced.

I watched all noon as the grey just grew, and then poured down,
Could it mean more troubles coming soon?
It was evident — the allegory in the clouds and my life.
But where was the message I desperately had to find?

I spent all day looking at that particular side, the mighty hills I loved
Were eaten whole by the monstrous grey skies.
Is there nothing but troubles coming my way?
That’s definitely not the message I was hoping for that day.

I walked up to the window as the rain settled down,
And in that moment I turned my head around.
I looked to the other side, just once, and oh my!
Look at what I almost missed this whole while:

I saw the brightest rainbow I’ve ever seen in my life.
Here was the message, it had finally arrived!
It was plain and clear, I rest my case;
Keep your eyes on the God you worship, rather than the situations you face.

My problems were big and persistent too,
But not too big for my God to bring me through.
The clouds were still grey and yet so much had changed,
Drowned out by the rainbow and the reminders and reassurance it gave.

Reminding me that God is my refuge and He is my strength,
Reassuring me that He’s ever-present to help.
Troubles and grey skies, they will float by.
But keep your eyes on God and His love notes in the sky.

“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” -John 16:33

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